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Computer forenisics IT investigation


Every day we can guarantee that we will be called upon to effect some form of surveillance. The reasons are diverse - it may be a business issue involving an employee or a private, delicate matter, or for legal purposes, obtaining evidence for a pending case - or for many other reasons


We work for many corporate clients in Surrey & London, often using surveillance as a part of investigation; an employee may be off sick, or working elsewhere, or you may be being defrauded. All evidence is legally admissible for tribunal or similar reason


Discreet surveillance of a spouse or partner will help you to learn what is really happening. Drinks after work, unexplained trips away or evenings out may cover an assignation or betrayal. Understanding the truth of a matter will help you to make an informed decision

Corporate Investigation weybridge & surrey

Business Investigation

Local Corporate Private Investigators working in Weybridge & Surrey, dealing with difficult issues that interrupt the business world - from computer forensics to surveillance and in-house fingerprinting

Private Investigation

Personal Investigation

Sensitive, confidential and discreet, we manage many aspects of personal investigation in Weybridge & Surrey from marital affairs to issues with children, drug use and tracing missing people



Process Serving & Support Services for local Solicitors firms; we serve legal papers Nationally and Internationally as a one stop service, take witness statements and other forms of support



We take fingerprints for Visa & FBI in Surrey, and are the only Private Investigation with a dedicated facility in-house. Prints lifted on-site for evidence & analysis that will prove wrongdoing

Private Investigator Media articles

Press & Media

We have a high profile in the press, on the radio and on TV in the South and nationally from our being in business for two decades, but do not break confidentiality

Private Investigator

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